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“At ISHMEET FORGINGS (Pvt) ltd. we believe that every product should be a master piece in terms of quality thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.”Knowing well that quality lies at root of customer satisfaction full care & caution has been observed to produce each single piece of unmatched quality to keep up its standards. This has been enabled by strong quality checks ups and controlled parameters. Our quality assurance standard assures every product to go through each & every step from raw material control to finishing & marketing.

Quality Control & Assurance:

  • Completely Laid Out procedures in Quality Assurance Manual to ensure consistency in Quality Control and Assurance Procedures at each stage of Production.
  • In-house facility of Chemical and Metallurgical Labortary to conduct Gravimetric Analysis of Raw Material to ensure the required Chemical and Metallurgical Composition of steel.
  • Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Tester to check hardness of steel.
  • Basic and Requisite Testing Equipments like Vernier Callipers, Micrometers, Dial gauges, Height Gauges, Standard gauges, etc. to check Quality Parameters at various stages of production.





Our Team

Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals helps us in the attainment of several of the firm’s predefined goals and targets. These professionals, regularly trained, are recruited on the basis of their ability and willingness to perform. Further, the professionals are parted in to a number of units, for reasons of attaining smoother and effective management of the team’s operations. The partitioning is done as per the professionals’ proficiency in a specific vocation.



Why Us?

We are considered in the market to be one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of this highly diverse and impeccable range of Forgings Products. To maintain this reputation in the market, our manufacturing process comprises the utilization of high grade raw materials and modern machines, as per the set industry norms and guidelines. This ensures the product’s standard of quality. Further, the range is quite reasonably priced and is delivered to clients, in the timeliest manner.


Customer Satisfaction

To us at ISHMEET FORGINGS Pvt. Ltd., providing clients with quality products is of high importance. Thus our manufacturing process is inclusive of the finest raw materials and modern machinery, as per the norms and guidelines defined by the industry. The products are sent for several rounds of quality examinations, for reasons of eliminating all manufacturing defects with high level of precision. This allows us to make a highly standardized range available in the market.

Quality/Safety Policy

Our team is our asset and we treat them as our family members. So their safety is our utmost priority. As per the quality and safety is concerned we have zero tolerance policy against violation of rules. To maintain quality in our day to day functioning we simply following Japanese 5S principal.


» Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly.

» Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.

» Reduce chances of being disturbed with unnecessary items.

» Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items.

» Evaluate necessary items with regard to cost or other factors.

» Remove all parts or tools that are not in use.

» Segregate unwanted material from the workplace.

» Need fully skilled supervisor for checking on regular basis.

» Don’t put unnecessary items at the workplace & define a red-tagged area to keep those unnecessary items.

» Waste removal.

» Arrange all necessary items so that they can be easily selected for use

» Prevent loss and waste of time by arranging work station in such a way that all tooling /equipment is in close proximity

» Make it easy to find and pick up necessary items

» Ensure first-come-first-served basis

» Make workflow smooth and easy

» All of the above work should be done on regular basis

» Clean your workplace completely

» Use cleaning as inspection

» Prevent machinery and equipment deterioration

» Keep workplace safe and easy to work

» Keep workplace clean and pleasing to work in

» When in place, anyone not familiar to the environment must be able to detect any problems within 50 feet in 5 secs.

» Standardize the best practices in the work area.

» Maintain high standards in workplace organization at all times.

» Maintain orderliness. Maintain everything in order and according to its standard.

» Everything in its right place.

» Every process has a standard.

» To keep in proper working order.

» Also translates as “do without being told”.

» Perform regular audits.

» Training and discipline.

» Training is goal-oriented process. Its resulting feedback is necessary monthly.